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FleaVac spent nearly a year in research to create an all natural, safe and environmentally responsible solution for treating fleas in your home. The results were amazing, by using bentonite clay mixed with essential oils we were able to create a formula that was not only safe but highly effective, killing 100% of the fleas inside the vacuum.

FleaVac was tested and verified by an independent laboratory that specializes in entomology research. The way it works is that fleas breathe through their pores and the clay brakes up into very fine particles that get into the pores delivering the oils into the fleas.

Our formula is so safe that we qualified under the FIFRA Act allowing us to to sell our products without a Federal EPA registration.

There are many people choosing not to put pesticides on their pets. The
FleaVac System was created to offer people an alternative. We developed
this vacuum attachment by working with physical engineers to develop a
intake flow rate that would not hurt the vacuum and still be effective at
removing fleas off pets, furniture and other hard to reach places in your home.

The FleaVac nozzle moves freely through a pet's fur without getting tangled. The nozzle suctions fleas and their debris off pets. In addition the FleaVac nozzle is great at getting into hard to reach area where fleas like to hide, including along the baseboards, corners, furniture seams and pet beds.

For thicker or longer hair we suggest using a flea comb in conjunction
with the FleaVac System. The nozzle is incredibly effective at removing
Fleas, Eggs, Larva and Pupae out of furniture including the stitching itself where fleas and their offspring like to hide.